Create a digital checklist for party planning with Wonderfulday

With Wonderfulday, you can easily create a digital checklist for your upcoming party. All you need is a to-do list and Wonderfulday will help you keep track of it all. Wonderfulday makes it easy to add things to your checklist, and you can even set reminders for yourself so you don't forget anything.

Once you've finished your checklist, you can share it with other people who are helping you plan the party. It could be family members, friends or even a party planner.

Having a digital checklist is a great way to ensure that nothing is forgotten when planning a party. We've done the hard work - so you can enjoy the planning.
Select the event type for your event

Select the event type for your event

Our digital checklist can be used for planning weddings, confirmations, christenings, birthdays or other parties. When you choose a specific arrangement type such as wedding or confirmation, our tool will automatically spit out a series of tasks that must be solved in connection with the planning of the specific event. You can of course adapt the checklist to suit your needs. Easily add or remove tasks from the checklist and check off when tasks are completed.

Download our app

Our digital checklist is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and create your first checklist today. Wonderfulday's tools are free to download and use, and with our newly launched app, you can easily start party planning on the go.