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Your guests' photos in a shared photo album
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Your guests' photos in a shared photo album

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Create your table plan with Wonderfulday
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Create your table plan with Wonderfulday

Arrange your tables, seat your guests and design your table plan with Wonderfulday's modern table plan tool.


Are you about to plan a confirmation? You have come to the right place. There are undeniably many things to decide on when it comes to planning the confirmation. Everything from the choice of function room, food and drink as well as music and entertainment. It can be difficult to keep track of everything, and it can be difficult to ensure that you don't forget anything in a busy everyday life.

This is where Wonderfulday comes into play. Our planning tool can help you with all the things that need to be arranged, including designing the table plan and managing the budget and guest list.

Wonderfulday can help you regardless of whether you have not yet started planning or are already well underway. Sign up for free today.

Get a handle on tasks with our digital to-do list

Our digital checklist automatically creates a large number of activities that must be completed before the confirmation. You can quickly adapt the checklist by deleting or adding elements to suit your planning. Each to-do can also be assigned a deadline, so you are sure that you manage to fix the various things on time. In this way, it is also easier to have a prioritized approach to the tasks. If you collaborate with a friend or family member, they can also access the checklist and help you keep track of the tasks. When a task is completed, you simply cross off the list. That way you can easily see what still needs to be done. As you complete more tasks, you will get closer and closer to confirmation with a satisfying feeling. If you spend money on a task, remember to add it to the individual task so that your budget is updated.

Easily create a digital guest list for the upcoming confirmation

Wonderfulday allows you to quickly create a digital guest list and send out invitations with just a few clicks. It is also not difficult to make changes to your guest list. Guests can be added or deleted, and notes can be attached to each individual. It may be relevant to make use of if you expect guests with allergens. It is also possible to divide the guests into groups, so that you have control over both family and friends.

Get the full overview of the finances for the confirmation

It is important to keep track of the budget when you organize a confirmation. With our budget tool, you can get a clear picture of all your expenses in one place. Enter the expense every time you make a purchase, and your budget is also automatically updated so you can keep track of the remaining available amount. You can also set specific budgets for music, entertainment, catering and more. You just have to divide your total budget into smaller amounts to make the overview easier.

Easily create a table plan for the confirmation

For the confirmation, it is important that you ensure that all the guests are comfortable. Therefore, the table plan is of course of great importance to the course of the day. Wonderfulday's digital table plan tool allows you to quickly generate a table plan for the confirmation. Import the guests from the guest list directly to the table plan and start organizing. In a number of different sizes, you can choose between different types of tables. You can also easily add or remove guests and even change the table setting. When you have finished your table plan, you have the option to print it out or share it directly with the guests immediately.

Make a digital list with all the wishes

Our digital wish list allows you to copy the items' URLs from webshops and paste them into the tool, after which the item's price, picture and other information are automatically imported to the wish list. You can easily remove or add wishes along the way if other delicious wishes arise. When you have finished making the wish list, you can either print it out or share it directly with the guests so that they know what to buy for the confirmand.

Find everything you need for your child's confirmation

You will find both tools, inspiration and suppliers here at Wonderfulday. We offer quality-conscious suppliers who help create the perfect confirmation. From function rooms, catering, photographers, music and anything else you can think of. You can easily search and filter suppliers on our marketplace to match your needs.

We know that planning a confirmation can be a time-consuming and unmanageable process. We hope and believe that with Wonderfulday by your side, planning will be significantly easier and more fun.

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Frequently asked questions

Confirmations typically start in May, but this varies from municipality to municipality.
Our digital checklist for planning confirmation contains all the points you must decide on when planning your child's confirmation.
A confirmation with approx. 50 guests (incl. function room, food and drink, serving staff, entertainment and the like) typically cost between DKK 15,000 and up to DKK 50,000, depending on the region and preferences.
Good entertainment, live music, party games and personal songs for the confirmand are among the popular choices when it comes to entertainment for confirmations.