Plan your birthday with the Wonderfulday app

With Wonderfulday's app, you can easily start planning your birthday. All you need is to download the app. Then Wonderfulday helps you keep track of planning your birthday. You always have access to all the planning tools on the go with the Wonderfuldays app.

Turn your tablet into a SelfieBox and let your guests upload pictures from the birthday in a shared photo album directly from the app. Download the app today and get started easily and for free.

All your party planning tools at your fingertips

Keep track of your checklist, get an overview of your budget or add guests to your guest list - all directly from the app. With the Wonderfuldays app, you always have your planning tools close at hand, so you can easily plan your party.

Let your guests share photos from the birthday in a shared photo album

Collect all the fun moments and photos from your birthday. Let your guests share their photos from the birthday with a joint photo album from Wonderfulday. Print your unique QR code and let your friends scan the code and share their photos easily and for free.

Turn your tablet into a SelfieBox

Capture all the fun birthday moments by turning your tablet into a SelfieBox for free with Wonderfulday. All you need is a tablet and stand.