Create a digital wish list for the birthday party with Wonderfulday

Is your birthday coming up and are you faced with having to plan a big birthday party? Then you have come to the right place. With Wonderfulday, you can quickly create and manage your wish list for the birthday party. Simply create an account and start adding gift wishes to the list. You can enter links to the products you want as well as custom notes, making it possible to add anything from any webshop. Wonderfulday gives you the opportunity to keep track of all your gift wishes in one place. Your wish list can easily be shared with your guests, so they have a complete overview of what you want for the big day.
Smart import of your gift wishes

Smart import of your gift wishes

When you add a product link to your wish list, all information about the item is instantly downloaded to your digital wish list. This includes price, product description and image of the item. This way, you can be sure that your guests will find exactly the things you want. You and your guests can access the wish list anytime, anywhere.

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You can use our tool from any device. You can download our app in the App Store and Google Play. Start creating your digital wish list right now with Wonderfulday, which makes it quick and easy to create a wish list - leaving you more time for other parts of birthday planning.

If you're looking for an easier way to manage your birthday party wish list, create a Wonderfulday account. Our digital wish list tool is among the market's smartest and most innovative solutions. It is easy and efficient to use. And of course completely free.